unable to retreive size limit

April 10, 2016 - David Sokolik

Openstack RDO Error: Unable to retrieve volume limit information.

After an Openstack RDO deployment  you may encouter the following error: Error: Unable to retrieve volume limit information. OR Danger: There was an error submitting the form. Please try again.

unable to retreive size limit

unable to retreive size limit

These errors are a result of a miss-configuration within CINDER, to resolve this all you need to do is edit the ‘/etc/cinder/cinder.conf‘ file and make sure the following two lines exist

encryption_auth_url = http://_Controller_IP_:5000/v3
auth_url = http://_Controller_IP_:5000/v3

After you had verified or added the lines you will need to restart the cinder services by running:

# service openstack-cinder-api restart
# service openstack-cinder-backup restart
# service openstack-cinder-scheduler restart
# service openstack-cinder-volume restart

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