June 29, 2016 - David Sokolik

no /dev/disk/by-id

So you are trying to install *nix OS and during setup you receive an error stating: no /dev/disk/by-id

unable to find disk /dev/disk/by-id

unable to find /dev/disk/by-id

This is due to the new method *nix machines are now using to address hard disks.

before each disk was handled as /dev/sd(x)(n) for example /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb2

Now disks are handled by addressing them UUID for example: /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-3600605b000db099011b1713421c457ad-part1

To address this requirement in VMware you need to edit the .vmx file and add the following line

disk.EnableUUID = “TRUE”

Please note that your VM must be shutdown and you will required to change the current .VMX file.

If you use VMware ESXi you can also add this value by following this procedure:

1.Start the vSphere Client, and log in to the ESXi host or vCenter Server.
2.Select Virtual Machines and Templates and click the Virtual Machines tab / Inventory .
3.Right-click the virtual machine for which you are enabling the disk UUID attribute, and select Power > Power Off.
The virtual machine powers off.
4.Right-click the virtual machine, and click Edit Settings.
5.Click the Options tab, and select the General entry in the settings column.
6.Click Configuration Parameters. The Configuration Parameters window appears.
7.Click Add Row.
8.In the Name column, enter disk.EnableUUID.
9.In the Value column, enter TRUE.
10.Click OK and click Save.
11.Power on the virtual machine.


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