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About David Sokolik and the purpose of HelpTheTech.com

My name is David Sokolik and i’ve been inlove with computers ever since I got my hands on my very first PC, it was an 486-xt and I was just amazed by how pressing a few buttons make things tick.

Those were the days when your computer Hard Drive had  250MB and your RAM was 8MB and if you got your hands on a system with 16MB you were the most popular kid on the block, well the world has leaped forward since then and the needs and wants of people have change drastically.

We are now in world when your base computer has 4GB of ram with most people opting for 8GB and your hard drive capacity is on avg around 1TB, that is 4000 times more capacity then we had back then and even that isn’t enought for most people.

In todays IT world new technologies emerge daily and top catagories such as Virtualization, Storage and Cloud Computing take center stage.

I have more certifications and titles then I can remember or count most of which are from the top 3 vendors in the market today: HP, DELL and Microsoft, I also hold certifications from VmWare, Sonicwall (now DELL), Fortinet and CheckPoint.

In the last few years my main focus has been in the virtualization field specificly in the private, public and hybrid cloud fields.

I’ve designed and implemented multiple projects for a vast array of companies from very small bussiness (up to 5 users) and to larage scale enterprises (500 users and up).

In todays IT world even the smallest companies have the needs and requirments of large scale enterprises and although not all solutions created equal some solutions and products can and should be implemented on at SMB clients to give the technological edge and help drive their business.

In this semi-blog semi-technical assitant site I will try to post technological articles that talk about some of the more common or hard to deal with issues I encounter/ecountered on my day-to-day with the hope that it will help other IT techs out there stuck trying to figure things out.

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